1) What is the symbol of Salerno?
The symbol of Salerno is the seahorse. Being a seaside town, it is obvious that its symbol is linked to the sea itself. Initially it was born as the logo of the football team of the city, but later became the symbol of Salerno.

2) How much does an average rent cost in Salerno?

On average, a room in the center costs about 250 € excluding bills.

3) What is the right time to arrive in Salerno if I win an Erasmus scholarship?

The courses generally begin on October 1st, but the University Italian course begins between 15 and 25 September. The advice is therefore to arrive by mid-September.

4) Where is the University?

The university is located in Fisciano, a village 20 minutes by bus from Salerno.

5) Where should I look for a house?

The advice is to live in Salerno because Fisciano doesn’t have a lively center. Salerno is a pleasant city, all foreign students live in the center and it is easier to meet people and enjoy the Erasmus experience to the fullest.
Often those who do not listen to the advice and take home in Fisciano after a month decide to move to Salerno.

The right area to look for a house in Salerno is the center, near Via Carmine, Piazza San Francesco, Piazza Casalbore, Piazza 24 Maggio.

6) Is is hard to find a house in Salerno?

It has never happened that an Erasmus has not found a home, because the demand is lower than the supply. In any case, ESN volunteers help the new Erasmus students to speak with the owners or selook for ads.

To ask our help write to : info@esnsalerno.it

7) Where to stay for the first few days when we arrive in Salerno?

The AVE Gratia Plena hostel is located in the center of Salerno and has an agreement with the University: it offers discounts for Erasmus students.

8) Are there any events for Erasmus in Salerno?
In addition to the various events for young people, ESN organizes annual trips and activities to get to know and integrate Erasmus students and offer them a lot of discounts, so that they can enjoy the Erasmus experience as much as possible.

9) What is the climate in Salerno?

Although we are in the south of Italy during the winter, it can happen that the temperature reaches 0 degrees.
Generally in the winter the temperature is between 5 and 10 degrees, and it often rains especially from January to March. Spring and autumn are mild while from mid-May until mid-October you can go to the beach.

10) Are the exams at the University of Salerno difficult?

Generally teachers always help Erasmus students because they understand that they do not speak the language perfectly. Of course you also have to study, but Erasmus is not only about the University, Erasmus is a unique experience!